Privacy policy

Policy on the privacy of Hanwoomul the agriculture union corporation

Hanwoomul the agriculture union corporation(hereinafter referred to as the " company ") can protect the personal information of the information subject according to Article 30 of the Personal Information Protection Act and manage the personal information complaints concerning the following swiftly and smoothly.

Article 1 (Privacy Statement) The Company processes personal information for the following purposes : The personal information processed is not used for any other purpose than : In the event of a change in the purpose of use, it will be necessary to obtain additional consent, including in accordance with Article 18 of the Privacy Act.

1. Contact Us on the Homepage and Handle Complaints
Personal information is processed for identification of the applicant, information of the complaint, communication and notification to investigate facts, and notification of outcome of handling.

Article 2 (Privacy) ① The company maintains personal information within the retention and utilization period of personal information according to the Act or within the period of personal information retention and utilization that is agreed upon when personal information is collected from the key players.

② The personal information processing and retention period of each is as follows.

1. Contact information and complaint handling on the website : One year after handling
However, if the following is the case, the reason shall be closed.
1) Records on Consumer Complaint or Dispute Resolution : Three Years
2) Storage of the communication service room confirmation in accordance with Article 41 of the Communications Secrets Protection Act
- Date, time of subscriber telecommunication, starteninstation, other party subscriber number, frequency of use, and caller base location data : 1 year
- Computer communication, Internet log records, and contact information tracking : 3 months

Article 3 (Information Substitutions rights, duties, and methods of exercise) ① Information entities can exercise their rights to protect personal information in the following clauses of the company at any time :
1. Request to access personal information
2. Request to correct errors, if any
3. Deletion request
4. Processing stop request
② The rights exercise according to Article 1 can be carried out to the company in writing, by telephone, e-mail, and by facsimile broadcasting (FAX), and the company shall promptly take actions.
③ If the information subject requests correction or deletion of personal information error, the company does not use or provide such personal information until correction or deletion is completed.
④ The rights and rights exercise according to Article 1 can be carried out through the authorized representative of the information subject or through a person who has obtained delegation. In this case, you need to submit a proxy according to the Enforcement Rule of the Personal Information Protection Act, Appendix Form 11.
⑤ The information subject shall not violate the company's own privacy or personal information service by violating the related statutes, such as the Personal Information Protection Act.

Article 4 (Privacy items processed) The company handles the following personal information items :
1. Sign - up and manage the members of the website
․ Required : Name, telephone number, email address
․ Optional : Address, gender, date of birth, marital status, interest, and affine address

2. The following personal information items can be automatically created and collected during Internet service use process :
․ IP addresses, cookies, MAC addresses, service use records, visit records, defect use records, etc.

Article 5 (destruction of personal information) ① If a company needs personal information, such as the expiration of the period of personal information retention and the attainment of the purpose of processing, the company shall destroy such personal information without delay.
② If the personal information collected from other information entities has expired or the purpose of processing has been fulfilled, the personal information shall be continuously transferred or stored in a separate database.
③ Procedure and method of destruction of personal information are as follows.
1. Disposal procedures
The company selects personal information for which the reasons for destruction have occurred, and destroys the personal information by obtaining approval from the company's personal information protection person.
2. Disposal method
The company shall discard personal information recorded and stored in electronic file format using a low-level format or a brush-down method.

Article 6 (Safety of personal information) The company takes the following measures to ensure the safety of personal information :
1. Administrative measures : internal management planning / implementation, regular employee education, etc.
2. Technical Action : Managing personal information processing system, installing access control system, encrypting information for identification, installing security programs
3. Physical Action : Access control in the computer room, data storage, etc.

Article 7 (Items on installation, operation, and refusal of an automatic personal information collection device) ① The company stores utilization information to provide individual customized services to the user and calls in cookies from time to time. '
② Cookies are bits of information that the server used to run a website sends to your computer browser and they are sometimes stored on hard disks within your PC's computer.
go Purpose of Use of Cookies : Used to provide optimal information for the users by identifying the type of visit or use of each service and websites they visit, popular search keywords, secure access, and so on.
I Installation, Operation, and Refusal of Cookies : You can refuse to save them via Tools at the top of your Web browser > Internet Options > Options Settings from the Privacy menu.
All If you refuse to save cookies, you may experience difficulties in using customized services.

Article 8 (Personal Information Protection Agency's person) ① The company is responsible for the overall handling of personal information and specifies personal information protection measures, such as complaint handling by the personal information service operators, and prevention of damages.

▶ Personal information protection measures
Name : Seo Byung Chul
Post : Deputy Director
Contact us at 063-547-8200.

▶ Personal Information Protection Division
Name of department : Quality Management Team
Personnel in charge : Jun Hyun-ju
Contact us at 063-547-8200.

② The information subject can contact the personal information protection company's person or department in charge of personal information protection for all personal information protection inquiries, complaints handling, or damages relief cases made while using the company's services (or business). The company shall promptly respond and respond to inquiries from the information service owners.

Article 9 (Personal Information Request) The information subject can claim the access to personal information under Article 35 of the Personal Information Protection Act to the departments below. The company will make efforts to expedite the request for information service operators to access personal information.

▶ Personal information retrieval request reception and processing department
Name of department : Quality Management Team
Personnel in charge : Jun Hyun-ju
Contact us at 063-547-8200.

Article 10 (Protection against Disarmament) Information holders can ask organizations below for damages or advice on personal information breaches.

< The institutions below are separate from the Company, so please contact us if you are dissatisfied with our own personal information, are dissatisfied with the results of any damages or need of further assistance >

▶ Personal Information Violation Report Center (Operation of the Korea Internet Security Agency)
- Work under your jurisdiction : Report of personal information breaches, request counseling
- Homepage :
- Phone : (without prefix) 118
- Address : (58324) Personal Information Violation Report Center on the 3rd floor of Jinheung-gil 9 (Gwangaram-dong 301-2), Naju, Jeonnam

▶ Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee
- Releasive duties : application for personal information dispute settlement, adjustment of group dispute (civil settlement)
- Homepage :
- Phone : (Without prefix) 1933-6972
- Address : (03171) Four stories of Seoulcheong Temple, Government Office, Sejong-daero 203rd, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea

▶ Cyber Crime Investigation Team at the Supreme Public Prosecutors ' Office : 02-3480-3573 (

▶ National Police Agency Cyber Security Agency : 182 (

Article 11 (Changes in the privacy statement) ① This privacy policy applies starting from 2018. 2.26.